Dec 28, 2022
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To determine who gets the position, Takekazu and Jō compete in a penalty shootout with Minato as the shooter. Two days later, Minato catches up with China and thanks her for pushing him to pursue water polo, declaring that he loves the sport. The remaining boys, Yutaka Inomata and Yoshiharu Ushimado agree to hitch the water polo team. The Yamanami staff begins working towards it, even because the captain of the neighboring Rikka Gakuen Academy’s staff dismisses them as non-threatening. Despite a seeming benefit in measurement, Yamanamis members discover it tough to keep up with the Rikka Gakuen juniors. Because the camp ends, Jō reveals that the Yamanamis group is slated to face off against both Rikka Gakuen and Shogakukan in July prefectural tournament.

Coach Bizen reveals that opposite to in style belief, what made Minato distinctive was his presence and dedication to get higher, showcased by his habit of recording and rewatching his practices on DVDs, which are nonetheless in his room. At the team’s insistence, Amihama reveals his cause for disliking water polo is that he all the time wished to beat his brother at a sport; how after his brother quit swimming, the one sport at which Amihamas ability rivaled his, Amihama stopped swimming as effectively and has refused to get again in the water. To get them to cease asking him to join, Amihama challenges the group to a race with the stipulation that they must depart him alone if he wins.

After discovering that Amihama hasn’t truly signed up for the track group and is sampling a wide range of clubs, Minato suggests that he strive for the water polo membership since they still want a seventh member; how Amihama vehemently refuses before walking off. Nonetheless, after seeing the best way the rest of the staff tries to find ways to encourage him, Ushimado resolves to strive to enhance, in addition to not being so arduous on himself. One month into the formation of their group, the Yamanami water polo team holds a lock-in training camp in which the members bond with one another. In reality, Eitarō all the time seemed to Minato how was too nervous to talk to him. He thought that with Minato’s recollections gone, if he may convince Minato that the 2 have been associates, he would finally have an opportunity to be mates with-and playing alongside-a gifted water polo participants, so long trigun merchandise as they no longer played at Shogakukan, where Eitarō reasoned he would by no means be taken off the bench since there were so many different proficient gamers.

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