Dec 2, 2022
Story of a Suspended Police Officer – Trigger

Many Tamil movies were released in 2022, most of which have been successful in the market. If you like watching thriller movies, Trigger is one of the latest Tamil releases that you can choose to watch and enjoy with your friends and families.

As one of the best Tamil thriller movies, Trigger is directed by Sam Anton, and AtharvaaMurali plays the lead role. This is one of the most enjoyable cop thriller movies to watch on reputed OTT sites. Read the blog below to learn more about the story of a suspended police officer.

Trigger the Movie

Trigger is one of the latest 2022 Tamil thriller movies directed by Sam Anton and has a star-studded cast. The cast of this Tamil movie includes AtharvaaMurali, Tanya Ravichandran, Seetha, ArunPandian, VinodhiniVaidyanathan and many more. If you like to watch thriller movies and are a fan of cops, this is a movie to watch.

The Story

This is one of the best Tamil thriller movies you will ever watch, and the movie’s story is filled with action. The story was set in 1993, and the movie begins with a daring attack on the police commissioner’s office. The culprit behind the attack is soon captured and put behind bars. Then you are cut back to 2001, where you meet Prabha (an undercover cop) and his father, who suffers from a disease.

Soon, around 20 children are captured in Chennai by men involved in child rackets. Soon, Prabha, the undercover cop, tries to bring back the captured children and find the antagonists. There are various action scenes in the movie that follow while chasing the criminals.

Plus Points

There are several things that are good in this movie, one of them is the role portrayed by Atharvaa and the way he did it. There are many stunning action scenes in this Tamil movie that will likely blow your mind, but other than that, there are many thrilling scenes that you will enjoy. The supporting actors also portrayed their roles well in the movie; overall, this is one of the best movies to enjoy.

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